The Opportunity



This may be the highest-potential, part-time opportunity existent, and needs a single, strategically-oriented individual. This part-time undertaking requires a commitment of 6-10 hrs/wk, whose primary goal is to assist in creating joint ventures with appropriate organizations.There are two main categories of individuals this opportunity targets:

Potential C-level executive positions, including CEO, might ultimately result from these activities, but primary compensation would be substantial equity stakes in the companies formed as a result of joint ventures. Compensation as an equity partner is estimated in the tens of millions, for most of the individual projects.  Although payout is likely to be in the range of 5 years, this is offset by the fact that we could develop numerous projects simultaneously, meaning aggregate potential could realistically equate to several hundred million.  The magnitude of potential long-term returns should justify the minimal time commitment.

In addition to the aforementioned marketing position, there is a need for an IT professional with very extensive application development experience, capable of acting as an advisor or potential CTO. Time commitment would be extremely limited, in the range of 1-2 hours/week.

For a preliminary discussion please contact me from Founder page.  Individuals interested in exploring these opportunities will obviously need to sign the NDA, prior to detailed discussions.