Although this is nominally the BuffetValet Website, that is only one of the many following strategies. 


I may have designs for more unprecedented B2B and B2C systems/businesses than any other individual. However, in order to develop these, I need a part-time, very strategically-oriented individual to spearhead the process of recruiting strategic joint venture partners. Since my skill is largely limited to the strategy arena, I need a partner/co-founder with a complementary skill set. Note that athough I have virtually no digital footprint, some details about me are included on the Founder page.

The following Project Portfolio shows most of my project portfolio.  Since most of these projects represent unprecedented concepts, obviously no meaningful details can be provided prior to an NDA. To clarify, unprecedented indicates that these projects/products define new product or application categories and therefore have no direct competition. This is fairly unusual, even in the startup realm.

No truly qualified individual would commit to participating unless a project is very compelling, at the least, which is the hurdle I use for viability. I believe that a number of these projects will meet that criteria.

Most of the projects listed have an associated PowerPoint presentation. These do not serve the investment purpose of pitch decks, which are obviously irrelevant at this preliminary stage. They represent detailed product plans, so that applicants can clearly understand and evaluate the validity of each strategy. The reason for doing this is so that we can jointly select which project to pursue first.

In summary, this website is intended to begin a conversation regarding developing what is likely the largest portfolio of unprecedented product strategies in existence.